Dinner and Wine Party

Day off. One of the benefits of being a fine dining waiter is you often have access to free or deeply discounted wine. Whether a guest leaves you a half bottle, the boss gives you an appreciation gift, you corral all the partials from a big wine tasting, or you get a deep discount wholesale price on a case, it’s something that can be had.

Tonight won’t be one of those nights, but it was supposed to be. A friend’s friend met through her restaurant was going to hold a vertical tasting of his collection of Chateau Souverain Cabernets at our house tonight, because he knows we appreciate and understand wine. (A vertical tasting is having several bottles of the same wine from different years, and tasting/contrasting them.) When we heard of his plans, we went and invited a bunch of our friends . . . oops! Didn’t even think it would be more appropriate and considerate to let the Wine Guy set up the guest list. Understandably, once he found out what we’d done, he cancelled – though he’s still coming.

So instead we have to pick up a few bottles of Columbia Crest (what we call Everyday Drinking Wine = cheap but decent), precede it with a warm-up martini, and go it on our own. I bought bone-in rib eyes, potatoes, and broccoli for dinner. The friend from another restaurant is bringing cheese and crackers.

These get-togethers are really fun. What’s not fun about a good meal and getting drunk and B.S.ing with friends for an evening?

Otherwise today, I worked on the script for a bit, checked my Fantasy Basketball teams, read blogs, read the paper, and mopped the floor.

Now it’s just waiting for the fun to begin.



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