Election Day

So Barack won. Believe it or not, I didn’t really follow the race that much – all three years of it.  I saw no speeches from either Obama or McCain, none of the debates save for the last few minutes of the last VP debate, and really only read snippets in the paper as the saga went on.

McCain’s concession speech was moving. I suspect that if he had taken the same tact in his campaigning – humble, patriotic, ultra-respectful of his opponent, and real – he might have actually won. I voted against him because he seemed desperate much of the time, pulling desperate ploys throughout the final months. The fact is, because of his record and history, if he had come across to me as he did in his concession speech, I would have believed in him. Instead, I saw him as a squirming politician who was trying anything to get an edge – most of it seeming calculated.

So now that that waiting is over, on to my waiting.

Tiny day at lunch. Michael’s had some partiers, only they weren’t in my station. I walked with $54 after only four tables.

I worked a rare Tuesday double. I covered a dinner shift for a guy who was going to Vegas with his uncle. Bad night to cover, if you’re mercenary. However, it’s just good policy to work a shift for someone when you can. You’ll need one covered sometime in the future, so it’s good karma and protection.

I don’t know what I made at dinner, because we pool and I opened the restaurant and left before closing. But it will probably be in the range of $50 to $80. That’s pretty poor. But then, as you might expect, everybody was home watching election returns on TV. And, regardless, it’s extra money for me, as I don’t normally work Tuesday nights.

It’s interesting and disgusting, where I work, the attitudes of some of the customers. For my one and only table, I brought the customary after-dinner ‘mints’ (Hershey’s chocolate-almond kisses) with the check presenter. The man said, “I hope this isn’t a prelude for our next president.”

I deliberately misunderstood his horrible remark and said, “You mean, nutty?”

“No, I mean chocolate. You know what I mean?”

This is not a rare event. Perhaps the fact that I work in two expensive and predominantly white-clienteled restaurants makes people like this feel they’re in their inner circle and can really let their hair down (if they still had any). But, seriously? Where are we, Alabama? And is this 1933?

I don’t know what you’d call me philosophically, but I kind of grant people their own points of view. Right or wrong, everybody has them. It’s inevitable. It’s the human condition. So if these people are blatant racists in their hearts, I’m not going to condemn them. We’re all people and it may turn out our views will be wrong in the future. It may turn out that despite our best efforts forming our views, we’re wrong right now. It might also be that we have views that we haven’t examined or are incapable of examining. And we’re wrong now.

But how stupid are these people – aside from the views themselves – that they are incoherent about how what they say sounds out loud in front of the public? Don’t they understand that it’s offensive to people? Even a minority (I believe a majority) of people?

Well, there you have it.


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