Top Ten Things For Thanks

I am thankful for:

  1. The Lakers. It’s embarrassing how much they affect my life. When they win, my mood elevates automatically. Off-season, I’m adrift. Once the season starts, my life has structure. I know it’s not right. It’s just how it is.
  2. Daylight savings time in the Fall. The effects of that extra hour last me almost a week.
  3. John August’s Screenwriting Blog. He’s real. But it’s easy to find ‘real’ screenwriter blogs; they all use four-letter words and tell you about what they had for breakfast. What separates John is first, his compassion, and second, his no-nonsense expertise. He shares freely.
  4. Hendrick’s Gin. The work is done. The only thing ahead of me is a few hours of unstructured pleasure time – web surfing, computer poker, reading, playing music, watching the Lakers . . . and an icy martini. This gin is delicious.
    Hendrick's Gin
    Hendrick's Gin

     It’s got enough of that juniper bite to get your attention, enough botanical flavors to be interesting, but also refined enough that it goes down nice and smooth.

  5. The weather in Southern California. I spent half of my youth in the midwest, where there is about two months of good weather a year. The rest is either cold and icy or hot and sticky. Today it’s partly cloudy and temperate. My houseguests had coffee this morning sitting on the front porch. After Thanksgiving Dinner, me and the guys will have cigars outside.
  6. My family. It’s a good group. We’re fortunate to have had a majority of prosperous, good times vs. bad. This year things are the farthest ‘down’ since the ’70s, but it hasn’t changed a thing with us, except we’re spending less money and scrapping more for it. I love them all.
  7. strats-super-reverbFender Musical Instruments. My favorite stuff to play. I own four or five Stratocasters, a couple Telecasters, and several Fender Amplifiers. This pic is with a couple Strats and my fave amp, the Super Reverb. Of course, unlike this picture, mine are both vintage, Blackface Supers.
  8. Microsoft One Note. This is a hidden gem of MS Office. If you have it on your computer, open it up and look through the ‘Tutorial’ notebook that opens automatically. I’ll bet you think of some way it can be useful. For instance, as you might know, I’m writing a screenplay. In outlining, traditionally, I’ve written notes (often quite lengthy) in the margins of the printed copy, then attempted to integrate those notes into the next draft. But the notes are everywhere, out of order, hard to read, cryptic because of space considerations – a mess. Now, in One Note, I just log the scene and type away at my note. Needless to say, editing and reordering these notes is a breeze. When I’m done, I print the notes – nice, neat, and organized – and hit the next draft. I also use One Note on this blog. I have separate pages of the Blog Notebook for Ideas, Drafts, and Brainstorming.
  9. Loyal Customers. Without these great folks, I would be poor and out of work. Just as importantly, they make my job a fun thing to do. Thank you for having personalities and treating us waiters as the real people we are.
  10. Thanksgiving Day Itself. Most restaurants are still closed for Thanksgiving. The structure of society, though crumbling yearly, is still intact!

I hope everyone out there is having a happy Thanksgiving with their loved ones. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Things For Thanks

  1. MikeTheWaiterDotCom Thu, November 27, 2008 / 7:26 pm

    What a pleasant, upbeat post… I’ll have to learn about one note… at one point in my life I was a wanna be guitar player… got an old Lyle from about 30 years ago that I still strum on … but it sounds like you are much more taLented than I will ever be…You’re right about how nice it is to always know that thanksgiving is a day for family…even for those of us who work while others play.
    peace be unto you, mw

  2. waiternotes Thu, November 27, 2008 / 9:09 pm

    Peace to you, too, Mike.

    Thanksgiving is nice for most everyone, but for us waiters it *truly* is a day of rest – even if we’re cooking all day! We don’t get many of ’em.

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