Number 100

No irony. Numbers can’t be ironic, can they? But this is post number 100 for

What? Four or five months since the last post?

Well it’s not easy being a human being. Stability in one’s life might be vastly underrated. Here’s my thinking:

You can be totally alone for years. You can be rich for years. You can be destitute for years. You can have the same job for years. You might be unemployed for years. You might be able to get the perfect pastrami sandwich from your favorite deli for years.

But everything ends. Even love everlasting.

Back to my impromptu list, any of these things can be positive or negative, right? But the thing is, you get used to it. Even bad stuff, is what I’m saying. Wherein, you have a limp because your ankle is gimpy, but after awhile you really don’t think much about it, and you just get around as fast as you get around.

On the other side, there’s a check that comes every month simply because your aunt liked you before she died. You get used to that too, and don’t think about it much.

Well, ol’ waiter here, the last number of months, has been getting a reminder dose of what it was like before he had a wife to count on.

Not to say I could count on her for all the important things. But certainly for one of the most important things: relieving me from worrying about getting and/or keeping a girl.

Eight years of marriage, and I had actually forgotten how intermittently miserable I was until I got married.

Make no mistake – I’m a generally happy and even-keeled person – when I was single or married. However, those stretches during the single years when I was chasing a girl who didn’t end up working out (and isn’t that all of them?), those were some troubling and frustrating times.

And here I am again. 🙂

Yes, that was a smiley face, something I would never have used before the breakup – because I was blissfully ignorant of the modern dating environment. But now, having been shock-and-awe initiated into the world of contemporary dating and phone texting, I find it second nature.

Oh, god, the smart phone! I hate it, and I love it so much I have to hate it. There’s no message I can receive besides snail mail (and who gets that anymore?) that doesn’t funnel down into my Blackberry. Email, texts, voicemails, Facebook notifications, and of course phone calls. It’s the cruelest of worlds when you can be tied in knots over a new love, pining if you will, and have the ‘ability’ to monitor her every communication to you in real time. You will get her call, text, email, Facebook comment – anything – instantaneously. And when you’re really hanging on that response to your important text – ‘Whazz up? :)’ – it can destroy your central nervous system if she for some reason doesn’t respond for a few hours.

And if that reason is that she’s not that into you, well, all of those unrewarded glances towards your bound-and-gagged cell phone are just the same as needle-like drops of H2O in the classic Chinese Water Torture.

But as usual, I digress. But then, maybe not. This is post #100 and the biggest topic probably should be why I’ve waited so long between posts?

Well, people, I’ve got to tell ya, chasing women is really time-consuming!


4 thoughts on “Number 100

  1. skippymom Sat, October 23, 2010 / 11:23 pm

    Nice to see you – wondering where you had gotten off to – Hope the dating scene is going in your favor [I think? it is? from this post] Good luck and congrats on 100.

  2. waiternotes Sun, October 24, 2010 / 12:28 am

    Nice to see you too, skippymom. Thinking it over . . . I guess the dating scene *is* going in my favor, considering I’ve actually been busily engaged in it. As I know from earlier times, that’s not always the case. At the same time, jesus, it’s hard liking someone who doesn’t like you . . . remember 7th grade? The emotional being doesn’t mature a bit!

  3. Steve Sun, October 24, 2010 / 9:42 am

    Nice to see you. Always enjoyed your posts. Take care

  4. nativenapkin Wed, October 27, 2010 / 6:18 am

    Hey, there you are…

    Thanks for coming back, as your sage, non-ranting (for the most part) posts are always enjoyable.

    While I don’t entirely subscribe to the Chris Rock philosophy of “Married and bored; or single and lonely…” there is some truth to it. I do and don’t envy you, being back out there, as even though marriage can have its pratfalls and periods of complacency, you are correct about one thing: dating is a f*** of a lot of work.

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