Lakers Playoff 2009

Always plenty of waiter stuff to talk about. But you all know what a Lakers fan I am. Today marks the start of the “real season” for pro basketball. The playoffs. In this case, I put the real season in double quotes because I’m not the cynical type who says the regular season doesn’t matter – that teams only make their mark by performance and achievement in the playoffs. If I may make an analogy to other popular media, the NBA regular season is like watching a great TV series for its multi-year run. The playoffs are like watching that series in its last season, including the triumphant (or not) final episode.

All those games are good. Watching the ups-and-downs and twists-and-turns are good. The whole experience is not merely the fact that the Seinfeld clan ended up in jail. It was all the stuff along the way, plus what happened at the end.

My fave soap is the Lakers. Every year, even when they suck. Which they don’t often, in the whole multi-decade scheme of pro basketball. They start their ’09 season finale today at 12 p.m. PST. Please root for us.

If you’re interested already, you already know the Lakers saga this year. Lots of hue and cry about killer instinct, bad bench, Bynum being injured, losing games they should have won, winning games by less than they should have won . . .

But damn it, they won 65 games. By my check, that ties them for 14th of all time in the history of the NBA (82 game schedule) for best winning percentage. Why is everyone freaking out so much?

The Lakers are a very good team. I think better than any other this year. So aside from my biased rooting interest, I really believe they will win it all this year. But as always, it’s the journey that’s the fun part. Today I’ll be watching, slightly delayed on the Tivo, to see them shut down the Utah Jazz for their first of 16 victories this post season.

On the way to the championship.